Thursday, February 21, 2013

Yes, It's finally All About ME !!

Today is my day on the hop and I'm both excited and a bit nervous .... When I saw there was machine buttonhole/blanket stitching, I was more concerned that I didn't know how to do that than figuring out what "I" was going to look like.  I finally decided to go to the local bookstore and see if I could find a book on embroidery. (after all, I'm going to need to learn how, in order to participate in the Stitch Me Up  Blog Hop so why not practice on this?) Woo hoo, I found a book at a bargain $2. Yes, it's an OLD book, but there's lots of good stuff in it and things like embroidery stitches don't change much over the years.(I hope).  So I hand emboidered my "ME".

A little about my "ME",  She is a little CRAFTY. I designed her with blond hair since I'm blond with a sky blue background and sunny yellow border because that's how I see life most of the time. (Notice the "rose colored" glasses?  I have been accused of seeing life through rose colored glasses. Really there is nothing wrong with it, life's much more pleasant when you have a positive outlook). I decided on Crafty since that's what I do. Scrapbooking, Card making, Sewing, Quilting(just learning), Embroidery (again just learning), I've  dabbled in ceramics and candlemaking and other things.
I added some tiny yellow buttons for my pin heads as all my quilting pin heads are yellow. I just couldn't resist adding a few trinkets like the sewing machine, thimble, thread, scissors and ruler.

I haven't quilted her yet because I'm waiting. In a very short time my LQS is offering a beginners quilting class and I want to save her for after I know more than just what I have read on blogs about how to quilt. Then she is going in my sewing/craft room.

Be sure to visit the rest of the creative ladies today (if you missed any, the entire schedule is in my previous post).

A big thanks to Madame Samm and Marlene for all the hard work you put in to make this hop such a big success. You INSPIRE!

Thanks for stopping by. I am currently out of town, but I do appreciate your comments. I doubt I will have internet access other than my phone, so will not be responding to comments. I want you to know your comments are appreciated, so there will be a giveaway of fat quarters open to all who comment.

Monday, February 18, 2013

It's All About Me Blog Hop

Woo Hoo!  The "It's All About Me" Blog Hop starts tomorrow! Join us in the fun!

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

My First Full Size!

I'm pretty excited! My first Full size flimsy is done! Woo Hoo! I used a pattern from Deonn. She called it Winding Stars. When I first saw it, I LOVED it. It was time to make a quilt for my Mom, so I thought this would be perfect in the greens and yellow of her bedroom.  It needed to be full size to fit her bed. Ok, maybe a bit much for a beginner quilter, but you have to start sometime. I planned to enlarge the size of the blocks to make it more to my Mom's taste. It was a bit more work than I expected since the size of the HST's weren't one of the sizes on my June Tailor Perfect Half Square Triangle Template. If I had to do it over again, I would still enlarge it but I would make sure the HST's are one of the standard sizes and adjust from there.  I needed 6 blocks, then borders. The first 4 blocks were done and I HAD TO sew them together. I just needed to see if it was going to be what I had in mind. I LOVED it! Ok, two more blocks to go. Finished #5 block and life interrupts.(We decide to move the office downstairs to the main floor and out of my craft room to give me more space now that I am quilting. DH builds a library wall in the future office and moves desk, computer, dual monitors and the 3 printers out of the craft room/office. No problem, I'll get back to finishing soon......Woo Hoo, finally back to sewing, 5 of the 10 rows of the last block sewn. My new design wall (no I didn't have an old one) arrives in the mail, yeah! DH helps me install it and I immediately put finished block #5 up! It looks great! I start the second half of block 6 and after sewing the squares for rows 6 - 10 together, I start sewing the rows together. Oh NO! They don't match....what did I do?? Ok seam ripper, let's get busy! Resew and the rows are perfect now. I decide to put up half of finished #6 on the design wall with the finished #5 and it's the wrong size! What Happened??? I think I must not have done a good job at staying at 1/4" seams. I'm running out of time before I see my Mom...I need to finish this flimsy and get the quilt done soon! Forget blocks 5 and 6. I will just use 4 blocks and increase the borders. It's my only hope of getting this done on time. This is how it turned out:
This is taken on a full size bed and the blue/brown is the bedding for that bed. The flimsy side border is the yellow. I didn't want the quilt to have too long of an overhang as Mom's bed is against a wall and it would be more difficult for her to make the bed. I rather like how the pattern is on the bed and the borders on the pillows/overhang.

I'm very happy with it. Now I needed to make the backing. I knew I wanted a pieced back and wanted to use up as much of the leftover fabric from the top as possible. I did need to buy a small amount of extra fabric. I also added block #5 to the back. I like this too......

Sorry about the photo. It's hard to see the color differences in the yellows. The photo my DH took of the top is much more color correct, but doesn't have the second yellow that I purchased to finish the back. My DH took the first photo above yesterday and I took this photo of the back today. (He was a bit under the weather with a sinus headache so I didn't want to bother him to take the photo....I think next time I will)
The binding is sewn and ironed, ready to add to the quilt once I quilt it tomorrow. I hope I remember to photograph it once it is finished. (I'll try to get DH to do a good photo of the back then as well as the front)

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. Don't forget to check my post from yesterday....there is a great giveaway!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cool Giveaway! Ecolux light!

Patti at "A Yankee in Queen Liz's Court" is having a giveaway until Monday for a Ecolux light.
Check it out! What an awesome light. I know I need one. If you do, check out Patti and her giveaway!