Sunday, October 9, 2011

My First Quilt Squares

I have been following a couple of quilting blogs. Dawn at quilting by dawn, Madame Samm's guest bloggers at SewWeQuilt and Madame Samm at SewIQuilt. It's been inspiring. I've been thinking that I could do it, but wasn't sure what design I wanted to create. Dawn had mentioned the need for star blocks (and posted photos). Her post got me moving. We don't have many fabric stores close to our house, but Hobby Lobby does carry some fabric and quilt supplies. I found a Dritz learn to quilt kit, and picked up some fabric.

Here is my first attempt at quilt blocks. I'm excited to try some other patterns and make a full quilt.


  1. They look great! Do you have the link to where to send them?

  2. I have an address for the Scrappy Appleyard. Is that where you sent them?