Monday, May 28, 2012

It's been SO busy, it's hard to think of where to start..

May has been a super busy month and we have been home all month (no camping this month til Memorial weekend). Sure didn't expect to be so busy. Figured "being home" would mean relaxing,  catching up on scrapbooking and quilting, watching a few movies on DVD, read a book.... Wow was I wrong! It started with the church annual dinner dance auction.  It's a fun, black tie optional affair. We love to dress up for it. No stress, the dress and tux were back from the cleaners, so just get ready on Saturday and go. There is a silent auction for desserts during dinner, followed by a large silent auction for things like box seat tickets, and 2 weeks in a condo in Florida. There is dancing with a band and casino action. Just lots of fun for a good cause. Little did I know that on Thursday before the dinner, my friend would tell me she was now in charge of the dessert auction and needed a few extra desserts.  Guilt trip! Ok, I don't work on Friday, so I guess I can make some desserts and shop for some fancy containers to put them Cream puffs in a decorator "book" with a French design, Madame Samm's chewies in a brown leather suitcase (2 layers), and a Mocha Praline Crown (fancy name for large cream puffs with chocolate filling instead of custard).

We had a great time til the wee hours of Sunday morning, then slept in on Sunday. Unfortunately nothing else was accomplished.

I Won!! Twice!!
I received 2 awesome table toppers in the mail! Giveaways from Madame Samm's blog hop! They are absolutely wonderful!  Cherry and Thearica did a great job and I'm proud to have them displayed in the house. Thearica made the rose one that is on the fireplace in our bedroom and Cherry made the Spring one that is in our dining room. Cherry sent the extra coordinating fabric that you see below the table topper. I'm excited to come up with something creative for that! It's hard to see in the photo, but the Spring table topper has awesome FMQ! Even my DH noticed! (up until now I've only done stitch in the ditch, so he hasn't seen the beauty of FMQ. He was very impressed.) Thanks ladies!

Along with all of that was Mother's Day and 3 grandchildren's birthdays and a double bridal shower at work. I'm glad I made the Mother's Day cards way in advance as the girl in charge of decorations for the bridal shower asked me to make centerpieces. (9 small tables with 1/2 bride and grooms and 1/2 bridal cakes, as well as a large bride and groom for the gift table and the cake table). It was lots of fun and they turned out nice.

Next, make 3 birthday cards for the grandkids. One for my 12 yr old granddaughter, 10 yr old grandson and 6 yr old granddaughter. It's fun to make cards they enjoy.

Time to close this post.  I'll try to finish showing the rest of my May Madness soon.

Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Seems I missed a couple of your posts...been so busy at the end of the school year. Congratulations on your wins! I still need to get me one of the table top quilt holders. I love the bride and groom cut outs for the center pieces. Are these from your cricut?
    I'm sure all those goodies were delicious!