Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mom's Birthday

I love my Mom dearly.  She was a wonderful Mom to grow up with. She is very talented in sewing and crafts. She made most of our clothes when we were kids (there are 6 of us). She also made my Dad's shirts and her own clothes. Costume for Halloween? OK. Fancy dinner? Need a nice dress? No Problem! Prom? What kind of dress do you want? She even made my wedding dress. I picked out the pattern and fabric, put in in the mail to her and it was just as beautiful as I had imagined. She is also very good with crafts and we always had the cutest (or scariest for Halloween) decorations for the holidays. She is a good cook too. Nothing fancy, but the best pot roast or meatloaf around and nobody does mashed potatoes like Mom. She even made sure we knew how to sew and cook. I still think I was very lucky to be born into my family. We might be a little quirky and we might like to have animated discussions, but we all love each other and are there for each other.
Talking about quirkiness (is that a word??), my Mom HATES with a passion, to celebrate her birthday. Not really sure why that is, but it is. Despite that fact, I just can't completely ignore her birthday. I have long ago realized I dare not buy a gift (she will be downright mad if you buy a gift), but since I make handmade cards I send her one each year. It almost never says "Happy Birthday" 'cause she definitely would take offense, but it usually suggests it. I was at a scrapbook convention a couple weeks ago and saw some awesome rubber stamps. I just couldn't resist. So I bought a few and used them to make a card for my Mom. This lady was just irresistable. I had to have her for my Mom's card. Take a look:

(notice it says Have a Wonderful mention of birthday)

I think the window stamp is awesome and I look forward to making many cards using it. If you like it too, the company that makes it (and bunches of other cool stuff) is Art Impressions. The lady is called Birthday Girl F&B and the window is called Garden. You can find them at
They have no idea that I am blogging about them, but they deserve the credit for these!

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will be back for the Red, White and Blue blog hop where I get to show off my stuff tomorrow (There is a blog hop schedule on my previous post and I will post the remainder of the hop schedule tomorrow).

I can say it here (since Mom doesn't ever use a computer and she won't see it): Happy Birthday, Mom !!

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