Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving from Maui

Hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving.
Thanksgiving is very relaxing in Maui. There, of course, is the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on TV and turkey dinner. I'm kind of bummed that I forgot to take a photo of the turkey before my DH carved it, but I did take some other "Thanksgiving in Maui" photos.
Looking up to our lanai (balcony).

Relaxing on the beach. Flowers growing everywhere. Looking out from the condo staircase toward the Kama'ole II beach, the ocean, the lifeguard shack. Like I said, Thanksgiving is very relaxing in Maui.
Maui is lovely and slower paced. We plan to go letterboxing tomorrow or over the weekend. We plan to plant 2 new letterboxes in Hosmer Grove near Haleakela. I will try to upload photos from the stamps DH carved and more flowers and photos from Hosmer Grove. Time to go back to the beach.

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  1. O I love Maui! You are so lucky to spend thanksgiving there!!! Ah... I really want to be there.. right now! LOL