Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Quilting....planning a quilt for the "Mom's suite"

We have a "Mom's suite" in our house. When we moved to the Houston area from Chicago, we had the builder include a "Mom's suite", a bedroom with attached full bath on the main floor with glass paneled french doors for our Moms when they come to visit. We put in a queen sized murphy bed that looks like an armoire, in white. We wanted the room to be a relaxing reading room for when we don't have visitors. The rest of the room is done in whites/wicker for the furniture with teal and peach on cushions, lamps, and walls. Very tropical. Reminds us of Hawaii. The murphy bed has a nice peach bedspread, but nothing special. Now that I am starting to quilt, I plan to make a pretty quilt for the bed. There is a nice fabric store not far from where we stay in Maui, so when Saturday became too windy to sit on the beach, my DH agreed to go shopping. Woo Hoo! We first stopped at the scrapbook store (need to get the pretty Hawaiian paper from here to scrap our memories!). Then off to the fabric store. I explained to my DH that I was going to need 4 prints and 2 solids to make the quilt top and some fabric for the back......He is a photographer so he is very good at colors and a great help at remembering the correct tones of the colors back home.  He did an awesome job helping me pick out the fabric. He chose 4 prints and 3 solids. Can't wait to get started once we get back home.
 (photo to follow, once I'm able to upload)

After shopping at my 2 places, he wanted to look at cars.....how could I say no? It's much more fun to "shop" for cars when you know that there is No Way you will be talked into buying one! Then off to buy him a book to read on the beach at the little resale shop in town.


  1. Can't wait to see your fabric choices!

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    1. There is a link on the right side > called follow by email. Just put your email address in and every time I post, you will be notified by email.