Monday, August 13, 2012

Bowls with Borders Blog Hop Starts Today !!

Today is the beginning of the Bowls with Borders blog hop.  165 people have decided to join the hop and create these adorable bowls.  The paper pieced pattern is from Regina Grewe. She has some awesome patterns on her site: Come back Friday to see my Bowls! I've made a few as they were addicting.

Bowls With Border Blog Hop!
(The schedule is below)

August 13th
I Have A Notion

August 18th
August 25th
August 27th
Mice In The Mix

August 28th


  1. They were so addicting--loved them! Can't wait to see your bowls. :O)

  2. I was in Norway during the sign up so I missed the sign up. Wasn't sure I'd have time but I wish I could have done this hop as the bowls are so cute! Will be back to see your creations.

  3. I look forward to seeing your bowls. thanks for taking the time to come by and see my fiestaware bowls.