Friday, August 31, 2012

My first Winner!

This is SEW much fun! I truly enjoyed the Bowls with Borders blog hop. I tried my hand at paper piecing and I am hooked. This is the first time I've tried a giveaway. It took a while to pick a winner since we were having internet problems, then I had to figure out the Random Number Generator and how to make my comments be numbered.  The RNG was easy enough to install once my sister told me where to find it on the internet. The numbering of the comments, not so easy. My DH did help me and it appeared to be working in "design blog" mode. So I generated a number and found the winner. Then my DH shut down the computer for the night before it saved the numbering system. Uggh. Well, at least I had written down the winners name...... Maybe I can get DH to help me again for the future giveaways and SAVE it this time.
Well, without further ado...the winner is:  Terry @ a quilting blog.
Congrats to Terry. I have sent you an email requesting your address.


  1. She's a lucky winner! I really enjoyed hopping with you plus learning paper piecing along with you. I'm hooked, too!

  2. Just got your email and sent you my mailing address...thanks so much again for your sweet giveaway!!