Sunday, September 16, 2012

I've been BUSY!

First I want to be sure you are checking out this amazing Dots on Dots Blog Hop. The 2nd week starts tomorrow! Check my last post for all the participants. You can still go back to check out last week's participants. Just click on their name and you will go to their website.

My office was looking for donations of fleece blankets for the local cancer hospital. They wanted easy, no-sew, just cut fringe on 2 ends, blankets. So I went to the local fabric store to buy enough for 2 blankets. Wow, there was too much cute fabric to choose from. They needed adult and kids blankets. So I ended up with enough for 7 blankets. Six are finished, one to go. They need them by Wednesday.

Our local grocery store (HEB) had a Cake Boss Competition between the bakery departments of all the local HEB stores. They all gather at our store and have 3 hours to finish their creations in front of all the people who walk by.  They are given a theme (this year was story book) prior to arriving and are to make a "main" cake and a fun cake.  After 3 hours, the judges decide who will win the 5 trophies. (1st, 2nd, 3rd for the main cake and 1st & 2nd for the fun cake) While the judges confer, the audience gets to bid on the cakes in a silent auction.  The proceeds all go to the local Adult Literacy Program. It was interesting to see the different cakes as "story book" was interpreted as either a cake that goes with a book like Dr Seuss or Harry Potter, or storybook as in fairytale like Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, or Romeo and Juliet. These are some of the cakes.

 Alice in Wonderland (1st place for main cake)

 Harry Potter (see him playing Quidditch,lower right)
 check out the cakes in progress
 Romeo and Juliet (2nd place for main cake)

And this is the one I won ( I'm bringing it to the local elementary school for the also came with 7 giant cupcakes that we will keep). Check out the "Green Eggs and Ham".

These are the 2 bakers/designers.

Coming soon, is the Leafs me Happy Blog Hop. Just a sneak peek of what you will be seeing. I've been working hard on creating some pretty blocks. Hope you will stop by on October 2nd to see my creations.

I've also been helping the teacher at our local school. She is doing "letter of the week" with her special needs kids and I am making the picture sheet for each letter.
 This is the "M" poster
She also need 7 apples to use on the floor for the kids to line up on 
and 7 bees for the kids "take home" folders. They turned out cute.

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  1. The blankets are great and the cakes are AMAZING!!!!!!