Saturday, October 6, 2012


It's my turn to Pay It Forward (PIF) so if you would like a little present from me, come play along!
Here are the "rules" I used  simplesew to help me write them.

1. I will create a crafty gift for 5 people who comment to this post. This is a surprise, and will arrive to you anytime within the next 365 days.(I will actually get this to you before Christmas, but the rules you need to follow say 365 days). I will quilt you a special item.

2.In signing up for Pay it Forward (PIF) you are committing yourself to the Chain...Someone pays it forward to you. You pay it forward to others! Just post this, or something similar so others can get involved. Basically you will create your own post where you create gifts for people as well. It can be any number of people you want.

3. You need to have an active blog of your own...{or some way to post your PIF info like a flickr, pinterest, or Facebook account. Basically you'll need a place to announce your own PIF and to post some pics of the process.} after you post and contact me I have 365 days to get you a gift.

4. After commenting on this post, post something similar on your you can spread the PIF love. I will email you asking for your mailing address {and the online address where you are posting your PIF info} so I can mail your present. You don't qualify unless you post.

5.Just let me know if you want to play by leaving a comment saying that you want to play with your email address or be a reply blogger. Remember you have 365 days to mail your gift. Example: Melissa from issa.ino:handmade ask me what I wanted. I told her my fav colors and what I like to collect. I will email you, you will post, I will email you a few questions asking for your interests

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